Searching for Unbiased News

I want to share my process on how I was able to find unbiased and factual news.

I want news sources that have little political bias and have good factual reporting. To check that, I used a website called Media Bias/Fact Check.

It is a comprehensive media bias search engine. It allows you to search news organizations and it will tell you the bias of their reporting, along with how factual their reporting is.

For example, Here is CNN and Fox News.

I have gone through and found the least bias main stream news sources.

Associated Press

United Press International

Voice of America

Media Bias / Fact Check runs a news aggregator called News Facts Network. They will only publish news summaries that are certified to be factual and will be from news organizations with the least amount of bias.

Please let me know if you learned something new from this. I just wanted to share this process because I want to inform people on how I try to consume my news.