Music I Lift Too

Horse the band

Every song, that isn't an instrumental, is a 10/10. My all time favorite band.

Unleash the Archers

Every song from them is great. Another 10/10.

Dream Troll

Last band where every song is an easy recommendation. Probably the least aggressive type of rock in this list, still really good.

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard

They have one rock album and every song on that album is great to lift too.

Electric Callboy

These are the only two songs I recommend from them. All their new songs have been really good.

We Butter The Bread With Butter

Every song on the first album is a banger. The later albums are hits and misses.


Through the Fire and Flames is a classic but their recent album is really good.


I only recommend their old stuff.


Very epic sounding rock that makes songs about famous battles and wars.

Unto Others

I recently got into them, these two songs are good lifting songs.


Joy as an Act of Resistance is the best album. These are the best two songs for working out. The other songs on that album are slower but are really good.