6-Day Powerlifting PPL Program


This is a 6 day program.

The compound lifts (Squat, Bench and Deadlift) should be heavy. If your wanting more hypertrophy, do 4x6-8. If your more strength focus or getting ready for a meet, 5x1-5.

Choose accessory compound movements that help weak points in your compound lifts. For example, trouble getting out of the hole on Squats, do pause squats for less weight.

Powerlifting PPL Pull Day


Accessory Deadlift (Choose one)

Rowing (Choose one)

Glute (Choose one)

Bicep (Choose one)

Pulldown (Choose one)

Powerlifting PPL Push Day


Accessory Bench (Choose one)

Delt (Choose one)

Tricep (Choose One)

Crossover (Choose one)

Rear Delt Movement (Choose one)

Powerlifting PPL Leg Day


Accessory Squat (Choose one)

Carry/Shrug (Choose one)

Calf (Choose one)

Core (Choose one)